Property Tax Appeals For Hospitals And Corporations

Local hospitals and corporations are among the most expansive businesses throughout Illinois. Unfortunately, to the extent not exempt, this also means they could be subject to some of the highest property tax rates.

At The Law Offices of William J. Seitz, LLC., we are uniquely qualified to represent hospitals and corporations in appealing their property taxes or in filing for property tax exemptions. Our attorneys have advanced law degrees in both taxation and health law, which means we understand each side of your operation as both a business and a health care provider.

Where Knowledge And Experience Meet

In addition to our in-depth understanding of the law, taxation and your business operation, we have a 30-year track record of success for many large businesses in the Chicago area. Our approach to property tax appeals has proven to be an effective way to reduce costs and establish long-term relationships among people in the business community just like you.

If you are interested in exploring ways to reduce your property taxes, contact our law firm by calling 312-767-5206 or send a confidential email.

Personal Representation, Large-Firm Ability

Many big businesses think they have to rely on an equally large company for their legal services. At The Law Offices of William J. Seitz, LLC., we have large-firm experience, but our firm is structured to serve you personally with direct access to the lawyer who will take on your appeal.

We strive to bring value to your business every step of the way with our unique combination of knowledge, experience and service. Contact our firm to learn more about what we can do to help you reduce your property tax burden in Cook County.