Condominiums And Cooperatives


The key to a well-run homeowners association at condominium and cooperatives is the advice you receive. The Law Offices of William J. Seitz, LLC., works with HOAs and condo owners in Chicago and throughout Illinois to secure the lowest possible property taxes and draft effective management documents.

We understand the challenges that come with owning and managing property. Our law firm has seasoned guidance and personal experience we provide to our clients.

Work Directly With Our Legal Professionals

When you contact our firm, you will hear directly from our attorneys — not an administrator or other support staff. Our commitment to personal service is what has brought HOAs and management companies success through our representation, and we honor that commitment every time you call us.

Rely on us to help you with all of the following matters:

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Establish A Long-Term Relationship With A Lawyer

Things change quickly in today’s world, and you might feel the same about your HOA or cooperative. Board members come and go, owners and renters are constantly in and out and the law is rewritten annually.

We help you combat these changes with knowledgeable guidance gained over 30 years of practice. We want to work with you to solve your immediate needs today and offer proactive advice for the future of your organization.

Effective resolutions to your property tax problems are available now with The Law Offices of William J. Seitz, LLC. Call us today at 312-767-5206 to learn more about how we can help keep costs low and effectively manage your HOA.