What are your property taxes used for?

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Paying property taxes in Illinois can absorb a substantial amount of your budget each year. How much you end up paying depends on your location, the size of your property and other specifics.

If you ever question the validity of the amount you owe, you have the right to appeal your property tax. Knowing how the state utilizes the funds you pay might change your perspective on paying.

Maintenance and growth

One use of property taxes is to maintain local amenities. Public safety, street maintenance and sanitation services all benefit from the money you pay in property taxes.

Growth in your community might create needs including new schools, park renovations and additional public amenities. Property taxes can help fund these projects and improve the community you live in and enjoy. Participating in community elections and public forums allows you a chance to vote on how local governments use your property taxes. Knowing that you shared your opinions on the best use of the funds might help you feel better about making contributions.

Making payments

Property taxes go up for a number of reasons including an expansion of government budgets or growth in the local economy. According to NBC Chicago, a recently-passed law aims to alleviate property tax requirements for vulnerable groups of people. If you receive approval for an exemption, this same law aims to make it easier to retain that exemption.

Overpaying for property taxes can happen. Uncovering an incorrect bill can take time and significant research. Collaborating with your legal team and other professionals might help you to identify any mistakes that impacted your bottom line.