A look at the process of appealing your property tax assessment

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At some point as a homeowner in Illinois, you may feel the need to appeal your property tax assessment.

This is your right, but exactly how does the appeal process work?

The property tax assessment explained

Property taxes finance the services your local government provides to residents. The appeal process concerns the assessed value of your property. You are not appealing the tax bill. There are various reasons for an appeal. For example, perhaps the property assessment was based on incorrect information, or the assessment for your property is higher than those of comparable properties in the area.

How to appeal an assessment

You can make an informal appeal by contacting your local assessment officer or make a formal appeal in writing to the board of review in your county. Your attorney can help you determine the fair market value of your property and the basis for submitting a formal complaint. Keep in mind that it is too late to appeal an annual assessment if you have already received a tax bill for that year.

Evidence you will need

In your appeal, provide a copy of the property record card plus photos of the property. Provide the same for similar properties in your community. Include information regarding the sales of comparable properties. Finally, provide an appraisal for your property along with a deed, a contract for purchase or a copy of the Real Estate Transfer Declaration. Rely on legal assistance to ensure that you have all the evidence you need and to help you formulate your property tax assessment appeal.