Is it bad if you do not pay your property taxes?

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If you feel like your property taxes are too high, you may consider just ignoring paying them altogether. However, this decision could land you in serious legal trouble.

Knowing the consequences of neglecting your taxes may incentivize you to take your responsibility seriously. However, if you feel that a discrepancy is to blame for the astronomical costs of your taxes, you could always appeal your tax assessment.

Property lien and sale

Ignoring your tax obligations because you feel unhappy about their costs may result in a lien on your property. This means officials have the legal right to your property. Eventually, they may sell your property, forcing you out, almost like a foreclosure. Even if you address the property lien before the sale of your home, having a lien could impact you down the road. For example, if you want to sell your home later on, a lien may jeopardize your success. According to U.S. News, not paying your taxes will incur debt and interests. Unpaid taxes may also impact your creditworthiness.

Appeal and negotiate

If your issue with the amount you owe for property taxes is that you cannot reasonably afford to pay, you may consider applying for tax relief. This may allow you the opportunity to negotiate a payment plan so you can avoid incurring costly consequences for non-payment.

If you feel that your property taxes inaccurately reflect your property’s value, you may want to file an appeal. An attorney can help you gather and organize evidence that highlights the discrepancies in your property’s assessment that ultimately influenced your tax amount.