Illinois governor pushes for lower property taxes

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Property taxes are a hot topic across the nation as economic hardship impacts countless homeowners’ abilities to pay. For property owners in Illinois, things are no different with tax requirements reaching an impossible high for many.

Lower property taxes could solve some problems, but achieving such a feat requires consistent effort. At a recent conference in Decatur, the Illinois governor did just this.

A push to reconsider

Individual districts within the state have jurisdiction to levy property taxes on their residents. This explains some of the inconsistencies in property tax values between districts. However, on a continuation of events promoting a property tax rebate, the Illinois governor recently urged local lawmakers to reassess the taxes imposed on citizens. One suggestion he had was to consider lowering property taxes.

Alongside the governor was the mayor for Decatur and a state senator who both supported the governor’s plan to lower gas prices, provide a property tax rebate of up to $300 and suspend sales tax on grocery items.

A potential change

If local lawmakers implement the governor’s suggestions, property owners would benefit indefinitely. The rebate may be the difference in a homeowner’s ability to pay taxes that have reached an astronomical rate.

People wanting to appeal their property taxes may benefit from consulting with an attorney. Owning property brings tax benefits, but unfair tax requirements may prevent property owners from enjoying such benefits. While awaiting an outcome, people should do their best to continue paying their taxes to avoid costly legal consequences.

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