How should you prepare to appeal your property taxes?

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Appealing your property taxes in Illinois is not something to begin without adequate preparation. Given the costs of an appeal and the time it will take to organize the evidence and establish a case, your preparation can go a long way in preventing mistakes.

Preparation may include researching your property, gathering and organizing evidence, and completing and filing paperwork. Knowing how to effectively prepare to appeal your taxes may optimize your effort.

Establish a reason

You will not want to waste your time appealing your property taxes if you do not have substantial reason to believe there is a discrepancy. The first step in preparing your case will include establishing your reason for disputing the legitimacy of your taxed amount.

Depending on your reason, you will need to complete research about your property. This may include getting an appraisal, researching your property’s history, comparing similar properties in your area and verifying the accuracy of your property tax assessment.

Gather the evidence

Disputing how much you owe for taxes is not something government officials take lightly. They will require ample evidence from you that supports your reasoning for filing an appeal. According to the Illinois government site, Illinois Revenue, evidence you will need may include the following:

  • A property appraisal
  • The title or deed for your property
  • Information about comparable properties
  • The property records
  • A photograph of your property

The evidence you gather may go a long way in establishing your case. Hiring an attorney can give you the guidance you need as you prepare your appeal so you can reduce the risks of oversights which could compromise your case.