How are taxpayers notified following an assessment?

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If you owe property taxes, you could have various questions related to an assessment. From struggling with the taxes you owe to determining whether a recent assessment was unfair, taxpayers can have many different concerns.

Moreover, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the way in which officials notify taxpayers after property tax assessments. You should stay up to date on your tax obligations and immediately look into your options if you feel that your property taxes are too high.

Property assessments appear in newspapers

The Illinois Department of Revenue states that property tax assessments appear in newspapers across the state. In fact, real property assessment changes must appear in general circulation newspapers on an annual basis in every county. Following property tax assessments every four years (three years for Cook County taxpayers), officials must publish assessments as public records.

Property assessment notifications via postal mail

For Illinois property tax assessments not in Cook County, officials have to send a notice of any assessment changes from the last year via postal mail, setting aside cases where the changes resulted from equalization factors. Moreover, mortgage lenders, banking institutions and other lenders have to provide borrowers with a copy of an assessment change notice.

If you recently found out that your property taxes are going to go up, you could feel frustrated or even overwhelmed. Try to stay focused and look into the details related to the increase. If you come to the conclusion that the changes are not fair, you can take a closer look at appealing a property tax assessment.