FAQs about property tax appeals

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If you own property in Cook County, you know about property taxes. According to Smart Asset, tax rates for property in Cook County sit at 2.1 percent.

Property owners who believe they pay too much in property tax may file an appeal with The Board of Review. If you have questions about the appeals process, see below for some answers to frequently asked questions.

When is the appeals process?

Each year, the Board of Review opens the township up to appeals. However, property owners can register online before the appeals process opens. It is probably in your best interest because the filing dates vary each year.

Do previous assessments matter?

Whether or not you reduced your property taxes before, you can file an appeal. The Board takes all appeals requests regardless of the Assessor’s valuation of your property.

How often do assessments occur?

Cook County properties must have an assessment every three years. This may cause your property taxes to increase.

Do I need a picture of my property?

The appeals process requires a recent picture of your property. The Board uses the image to compare similar properties. You should date the picture on the back as well. Consider hiring a professional to take a picture of your property.

Is there a cost?

Every time you file is free. If you believe you can reduce your property taxes, the time it takes to reassess your property is worth it.

Appealing your property taxes in Cook County is not very difficult. However, if you do not prepare for a reassessment, you may face disappointment. Consult with an attorney specializing in property taxes if you believe your tax rate is too high.