Tax Bill Update for Cook County Property Owners

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With one of the highest property tax rates in the nation, Cook Country raises millions of dollars annually through this vehicle. Property owners in Chicago often pay close attention to their bills to scope out increases and get a sense of property values.

Still, it is always good to know when bills come due and what potential late fees could apply for tardy payments.

Valuable website

The Cook County Treasurer’s Office says that they expect to mail out property tax bills by late August. Residents can find the bills a bit earlier by going to Property owners can request the bill be sent to them by email. The expected due date is October 1, 2021.

Residents can pay bills through several methods, including credit card, in-person payment, mail by check and through the person’s bank. Residents who pay online through their bank account receive no fees.

The website also provides access to pertinent forms. This allows individuals to request a refund and to apply for tax deferrals for seniors and military personnel.

Delinquent charges

State law requires that payments for property taxes that fail to meet the deadline receive a 1.5% charge. Authorities assess this charge monthly. A property owner with delinquent taxes can look up his or her account at the treasurer’s website. The individual will need to have the 14-digit property index number for the property.

The site breaks down the overdue taxes by Chicago ward, municipality, township and Commissioner District. Property owners can appeal assessments by following a process that includes gathering information and filing a motion with the county board of review.