What should I know about filing a property tax appeal?

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Every year, you have the responsibility to pay property taxes on any real estate you own. Each jurisdiction will handle the property tax rates and collection for property within its boundaries.

You may get a different bill each month as authorities do appraisals and adjust rates. If you get a tax bill with which you do not agree, you do have the ability to appeal.

Grounds for appeal

According to the Cook County Assessor’s Office, you may appeal on the grounds that the estimated value for your home is incorrect or property characteristics on your notice are incorrect.

You should always appeal if the characteristics are incorrect, but for value issues, it is usually only useful to appeal if the difference is greater than 10%. Anything less will probably not change your tax rate.

When and how to file

When you receive your assessment notice, you should have a printed date on there of the deadline to file an appeal. You should try to file well ahead of that date if possible. You usually have 30 days after receiving the notice to appeal.

Filing is a free process. You can do it online, and the process is fairly easy. You can also file a paper form, but that is more complicated and time-consuming.

Keep in mind that appealing an assessment will not always change your property tax burden. The process for determining your tax amount is complex and uses factors other than your property value. You should exercise your right to question inaccurate information, but be aware of the potential that an appeal may not change anything.