How do I appeal a property tax assessment?

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Property taxes depend on the assessment of your property, including buildings and land. You have little control over the process, and you often do not even know the results until you get your property tax bill each year. 

According to, you can appeal your property tax assessment if you do not agree with the amount. Do note, however, an appeal can lower your tax but it also could increase it, so make sure you have a solid reason to believe that an appeal will go the way you want. 

Gather documents

You will need to provide evidence when you submit your appeal. The documents you need are an appraisal of the property and a list of comparable properties that have recently sold. You will also need the property record cards for your property and the comparable properties. For all properties, you need photographs as well. Finally, you need to have a copy of your deed or purchase contract. 

File the appeal

The next move is to file your appeal with the county board of review. You will need to have the prevailing assessment level in your district and the fair market value of your property to help you determine the basis for your complaint. You also should speak with an assessor to understand your initial assessment and see if there were issues. 

Once you know the basis for your complaint, you will file Form PTAX-230 and present your evidence for review. The board will look over everything to make its determination, which is why it is essential that you have the proper documentation and cite a solid basis for your complaint.