Illinois’ property taxes are the nation’s second highest

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Illinois residents face some of the highest property taxes in the nation, even though the median home value in the state is relatively low in comparison with many other parts of the nation. There are a number of factors driving the state’s sky-high property taxes, and many residents feel as if the state must do more to lower their property tax burdens. 

According to Illinois Policy, Illinois’ property taxes are the second-highest in the nation, trailing only behind New Jersey. 

By the numbers 

The median home price in Illinois currently falls below the national median home price of $187,200. However, the average Illinois homeowner pays $4,299 in property taxes to cover that home. How does that compare nationally? On the national level, the typical American family pays around $2,375 a year in property taxes. 

Contributing factors 

Why does Illinois have such high property taxes? Many assert that residents face high tax bills due to a combination of high pension costs and an abundance of bureaucracy. The state was not always among the highest as far as property taxes. In 1996, Illinois’ property taxes were on par with national averages, but ballooning pension costs created a shift in the years that followed. 

Many also contend that the state has too many school districts and that this, too, likely contributes to the state’s elevated property taxes. 

Paying property taxes 

Most Illinois residents must pay their property taxes in two installments that are typically due at the beginning of June and the beginning of September. However, these deadlines and obligations may vary by county.