Are you paying too much for property tax?

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One reason to appeal your property tax in Illinois is if you suspect you are overpaying. Multiple factors affect the payment amount of your property taxes and verifying that your payments are fair is never a bad idea.

If your research suggests that you are overpaying, your proactive effort to file an appeal and request modification may save you time and resources in the future.

When an appeal makes sense

Filing an appeal on your property taxes may morph into an arduous process that will require you to gather and present thorough evidence that supports your claim that your taxes are too high. As such, it is important that you do your homework to verify that your claims are legitimate before you file an appeal. The more thorough you are in building your case and documenting your concerns, your chances of reconsideration may increase.

Paying what is fair

According to The Motley Fool, proving that your property tax is unfairly high is something you may provide proof of by assessing certain components of your payment. For example, you may pull up evaluations and appraisals for homes similar to yours within a 5-mile radius and compare pricing. If your home is being taxed at a price that is noticeably higher than other similar homes, you may have a case for an appeal.

Contacting the assessor’s office is another option. Records of your home’s assessment history will discuss the parameters considered in determining the price of your property tax. If you review these documents and find discrepancies or inaccurate information, you may present your findings in your appeal.