Property tax appeals

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Property taxes on homes in Chicago and throughout other parts of Cook County often seem to be high. People who receive property assessments that they believe are erroneous can file property tax appeals. Winning an appeal can result in a lower tax bill for the next couple of years until the next assessment is completed.

People can file property tax appeals when their assessments are higher than the actual market value of their homes. They are also able to file appeals when the assessments contain inaccurate information that results in higher assessed amounts. For example, these types of errors might include such things as a room that does not exist.

A formal appeal of property taxes must be filed in writing with the county assessor’s office. People can get complaint forms and learn about the procedures there. People will need to get their property record cards that contain the assessed valuations. They also need to figure out the fair market value of their homes and the prevailing assessment values in their neighborhoods. They should then determine what basis they have for filing an appeal and draft their complaints with evidence showing why the assessment is erroneous.

People who believe that their property assessments are too high might benefit from getting help from an attorney who assists clients with appeals of property taxes. Experienced legal counsel may understand the types of evidence that will be needed and the deadlines and procedures that must be followed. Getting help from an attorney might increase the likelihood of success. If the county board of review issues an unfavorable decision, the attorney might then help the client to file an appeal to the state property tax appeal board or the appropriate circuit court to try to have the decision reversed.