How are gas station property tax appeals handled?

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Cook County, Illinois welcomes new assessor Fritz Kaegi and a general movement to make the commercial property assessment and appeals process more transparent. As a property owner, you may be paying more in taxes than you should and transparency can help make the process fairer.

For gas station commercial property owners, the appeals process is essential to ensure you are paying the appropriate taxes for your business. Gas stations are particularly vulnerable to unfair assessment based on the complicated nature of their business.

Why should you consider appealing a property tax assessment annually?

You may be eligible for a yearly additional tax reduction on your property because property value changes annually. You can file an appeal as you would for other commercial properties, but your case may require special attention.

Property values for gas stations can be complicated yearly by a variety of factors, including the value of the different businesses they often incorporate. These can include:

  • Property classification or description changes (brought on by zoning changes)
  • New roads or other location complications
  • New elected assessor
  • New appraiser or revelation of their disqualification
  • New tax laws
  • Change in primary use of land (sometimes determined by income or expenses): Installation of new car wash, car repair, franchised restaurant, new or upgraded building(s), etc.

Whether or not you run the business on the property, you could be eligible for a lower tax payment than what you are paying now.

You may wish to appeal your property tax based on any number of reasons. You will need all required documentation and legal precedent available to win your case. You may also need expert witness testimony to contest the board’s findings. The difference could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs for you.